From This Perspective

This morning I was struggling with intense feelings - frustration, indignation, anger. Those feelings led to sorrow and an apathy toward certain goals in my life. Injustice runs rampant in the world, and like most people, I want that to change. I have compassion and empathy for those suffering injustice. But when it hits home,… Continue reading From This Perspective


Taming My Inner Perfectionist, Pt 2

In yesterday's post, I shared how abuse and its side effects (anxiety/depression/PTSD) partnered with my inner perfectionist to make motivation and productivity a monumental challenge on a regular basis. Today I'm going to share some of the things that help me get past these roadblocks. Some of these tips/tricks were shared with me by others… Continue reading Taming My Inner Perfectionist, Pt 2


Taming My Inner Perfectionist, Pt 1

I'm going to be vulnerable with you today. Before I got married, I kept my apartment spotless. My laundry stayed done, I cooked full meals for myself (and then lived off the leftovers), and I budgeted well. There were times I borrowed money from my parents for my cell phone bill if I didn't make… Continue reading Taming My Inner Perfectionist, Pt 1


My Word of the Year for 2021

I never used to do a "Word of the Year", but I decided to try it a few years ago (as I mentioned in this blog post), and I have done it every year since. The Word of the Year for 2020 was "Shift." This year's word is a bit daunting - it's "Change." Yikes.… Continue reading My Word of the Year for 2021


When God Sends You Down the Craft Aisle

Two thoughts immediately come to mind at the title of this post: 1) It's too long. That will mess with whatever searches people do that might bring up my post. 2) It's almost laughable. Many of us love going down the craft aisle! But I like this title and I'm sticking to it. I'm not… Continue reading When God Sends You Down the Craft Aisle

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Just One Word

I used to roll my eyes when I would see yet another social media post about someone choosing a word for the year. I thought it was silly. How could choosing a word to focus on for an entire year help anyone? But then last year at this time I was so broken and parts… Continue reading Just One Word

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New Year, Not New Me

Today is the last day of 2019. In less than three hours, we will cross the boundary between this year and the next. Many people will get on social media to proclaim things like "New year, new me" and make lists of their New Year's Resolutions. I have nothing against making goals, but to me,… Continue reading New Year, Not New Me

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Insert Witty Post Title Here

Often, when I write a post, I write about a topic that God has laid on my heart. Today I am simply going to write about what He is speaking to me today. If it resonates with you, that's fantastic, but today's post is for me. I have struggled a lot lately with frustration and… Continue reading Insert Witty Post Title Here