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Chronicles of Aohmbr #1
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Seventeen year old Oligan can no longer remember the face of his father, a man who chose the honor of protecting the royal family over his title of nobility. Fourteen year old Bethelaine has less than a year until she is crowned Queen, and cannot remember her parents at all. As Oligan seeks to grow into the man his father wanted him to be and Bethelaine fears the weight of her mother’s crown, a new danger presents itself – a nameless evil long thought by some to be nothing more than legend. A chance meeting brings these two together, but will their newfound friendship be enough to conquer all that lies ahead?

Oligan and his mother still mourn the loss of Oligan’s father, who has been missing for ten years – along with the King, Queen, and the rest of their traveling retinue. Oligan longs to be a man like his father – brave, honorable, kind, compassionate, and wicked with a bow – but has realized that the memories of his father are fading fast.

Princess Bethelaine has been raised by the castle stewards – Diana Crotchett and Douglas Dinsmore – and has never really had a normal childhood. Although Dinsmore is more like a playful uncle, Crotchett is strict and insists on Bethelaine becoming a proper lady. The thought of taking the throne on the third day of her fifteenth year is overwhelming at best, and Bethelaine fears she will never live up to the expectations of her people.

Meanwhile, a faerie called The Treeborn has bloomed again from the Willow in the midst of the Ironwood.  The last Treeborn disappeared one hundred years ago, without leaving any indication if another would ever take his place. Despite her youth, Brenzie has the wisdom of the ages, stored in the Willow by all the Treeborn that came before. Unfortunately, with a hundred year gap, her knowledge of the world is lacking. But rumors are spreading that The Nameless has somehow escaped his prison, leaving Brenzie with little time to learn.

Despite their personal struggles, Oligan and Bethelaine discover that there is a bigger world out there, with seemingly bigger problems. But in order to save the kingdom from The Nameless, Bethelaine, Oligan, and Brenzie must conquer their fears and insecurities.

Full of adventure and heart, the first novel in the Chronicles of Aohmbr series is sure not just to entertain, but to connect on a deeper level with its readers.